MoonAmie's Rewind Tour 

The 10-Week, three class per week, discounted program fee is $300. Parents may pay in full on Monday, June 8th or in partial payments for $150 on June 8th and July 8th. 


The program's theme is "Broadway Rewind Tour!" Students will be learning choreography from different musicals starting in the 2010's and going backwards until the 1920's. Instructors will be filming and creating videos to post online so parents can see their improvement during the summer! 


Previews begin June 1st!

  • Monday, June 1st: Sammy - Learn Choreography from Footloose 

  • Tuesday, June 2nd: Brooke - Learn Tap Choreography from Spongebob Squarepants the Musical 

  • Wednesday, June 4th: Zoe - Learn Choreography from Rock of Ages 

The preview masterclasses for ages 7-13 will be at 4:00pm and ages 14 -18 will be at 5:30pm for all 3 days. Each master class will be 1 hour long. 


Download MoonAmie’s Registration Form, as well as our Policies & Code of Conduct.

Acting/Dancing/Voice Lessons Offered: 


Private: Instructor + 1 student

Semi-Private: Instructor + 2 students  

Group: Instructor + 3 or more students

Private-ONLY Enrichment: Instructor + 1 student

Students preparing for college will be guided through the audition process. Instructors, at MoonAmie, will choose and teach audition material for college auditions, as well as, film prescreens for all BFA conservatory auditions. Seniors interested in college audition prep must start private lessons 6 months prior to prescreens.

MoonAmie students will develop their technique and passion for musical theatre and the performing arts. Lessons also include audition prep for elementary, middle school, high school, college and professional auditions and productions. 


Acting lessons focus on character development, script analysis, scene work, playwriting and improvisation. Students will learn about theatre history and will read, analyze and perform from contemporary and classical plays. Monica will assist high school students in building a strong repertoire for college and professional auditions. 

Voice lessons focus on proper voice technique, music theory, sight reading, and audition prep for middle school, high school, college, and professional auditions and productions. Priscilla will assist high school students in building a strong repertoire with songs that compliment and challenge the student's range! 

MoonAmie's Dance Program offers students private and group lessons in the style of tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and musical theatre. Lessons will focus on technique, expression, and a practical application to musical theatre. Our instructors believe in the importance of being educated in all dance styles in order to be a well rounded performer. They also encourage students to dance their hearts out during class and find their own unique style! 


Private One-on-one:

(Instructor & ONE student)

One Lesson: $70

10 Lesson Package: $650


(Instructor & 2 students)

One Lesson: $45

10 Lesson Package: $400


(Instructor & 3 students)

10 Lesson Package Only: $300

Enrichment (private only): $90



Lesson Attendance: 

Students are required to attend every lesson they have scheduled. MoonAmie has a strict 48 hour cancellation policy. Students who are expecting to cancel must notify MoonAmie 48 hours before their scheduled lesson, or they will be charged for the full hour. Please email to schedule and cancel lessons. 



MoonAmie has a strict no cell phone policy. Students are expected to turn off their cell phones, iPad, and Laptops before their scheduled lesson, unless they have been instructed by their teacher to use them for recording purposes.  


What To Wear: 

MoonAmie is a Fine Arts Conservatory. Students attend acting, dance, and voice lessons, and must wear clothing that allows them to move freely. Jeans, school uniforms, and dresses/skirts are not allowed to be worn during lessons. Students are expected to bring a change of clothing, if they are being dropped off directly after school or other events. 

Download MoonAmie’s Registration Form, as well as our Policies & Code of Conduct.